Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Which mouthwash is best for me

Picking the Right Mouthwash For Your Teeth and Gums

Most people use some kind of mouthwash as part of their oral health regimen. Brushing​ and Flossing ​your teeth is very important. It prevents bad breath and promotes healthy teeth and gums. The question of what mouthwash is the best one to use always tends to come up. We will break down the answer below in a few easy to follow sections. This will help you to determine your needs better.

Fluoride​ Mouthwash
This is important to help prevent tooth decay. This type of mouthwash also works to prevent cavities​ and lower sensitivity to cold if used regularly​. It helps to strengthen both your teeth and the enamel.

Freshening the Breath
These contain no alcohol​, contains special ingredient to hinder bacterial growth in the mouth to reduce gingivitis and bad breath. ​This option does exactly what it implies. This one is good for those of you have bad breath after the brushing. ​It is always important to get​ regular dental check up and teeth cleaning to keep your mouth and teeth in optimal health which in long term saves you a lot of money and time in a dental office.

The Antibacterial Option
Are you concerned with bad breath? Are you concerned with gum disease? This is going to be a good one to use. This does all the others do that are mentioned above, but it takes it one step further.

The difference is this one can be bought over-the-counter. It is more concentrated than the ones your dentist may prescribe for you. Ask your dentist before you use this one. It is just a precaution.

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